January 27th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat


Yesterday, I finished reading the fourth book of Temeraire, by Naomi Novik, called Empire of Ivory. It deals with the same overall world situation, which is the Napoleonic Wars, but with dragons adding a new complexity to the strategies. In this book, the dragon Temeraire and his crew end up in Africa, and the book struggles with the issue of slavery, as well as, to a lesser degree, a woman's place in society. This book was a tougher read than the other three, but it did try to deal with deeper issues.

We had little rain, during the day, while I was scurrying around to the hospitals; the rain started in earnest much later.

forestcats and I were asked to a small party at the home of a local gastroenterologist for last night, and my associate asked that we attend. The gentleman giving the party has been someone I've worked with for the last decade or so, and I've observed him doing a colonoscopy on a patient of mine once; he's very skilled. The party turned out to include a variety of the doctor's family members, a local home builder, a man in finance, two of the former chiefs of police of Upland, a retired doctor, and a physician who has limited his practice to elimniating varicose veins, and their respective wives. Not the crowd we typically run with, especially the politicians. Dinner was OK, including some Asian oddities such as yoghurt drinks and pickled plums. The gentleman's wife finished the evening with a Chinese dance routine, while her sister sang, and then she had us up doing a line dance, and following that with an Israeli folk dance. Then, home in the rain.
Dead Dog Cat

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I moved pretty quickly through my hospital duties today, and managed to get to the agility trial before brushette did her two runs, even though the heavens opened up on my drive. She and her handler (forescats) were glad to see me, and they did well on their runs. I helped with takedown of brushette's leisure suite, and we went home.

Somewhere in all of this, I managed to finish another comic. This one is Starship Troopers #5; they've changed scenarios, and artists, and it's a much better book for it.