February 16th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Before collapsing in bed, what did I do today:

Spent hours backing up the critical files off the hard drive on the desktop computer. The laptop awaits another opportunity.

Spent hours cleaning up my side of the bed; it looks great.

Spent well over an hour emptying out a bag I used to use for work at my old place. I got rid of quite a bit of paper, and filed away some legal stuff that isn't immediately useful, but that I may have to refer to in the future.

I then watched one old and two new lectures on DVD about the Vikings. Interesting, but I faded out late in the third lecture. I'll have to keep the numbers down to manageable for later; it's dense material.

Then, just before going to bed, a pony broke out of a neighbor's backyard, and was trying to break into our corral, to get at our mares. Oh, no you don't! The culprit was snagged, and escorted back home, to the chagrin of the partying teenagers, who were appalled by their destroyed fence.