March 13th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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I finished two books, yesterday. The first was a graphic novel, just out in TPB, called Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, which was pretty good, especially if you've been following the Fables storyline in the comic. The second was Osprey Campaign #174: Pharsalus 48 BC: Caesar and Pompey - Clash of Titans, which follows the campaign that finished off the Triumvirate.

There were also two more comics to blaze through, last night, the first of which being DMZ #29, which is starting a new story arc, and then Serenity: Better Days #1 of 3, which is a new Firefly story. I shared that one right away with forestcats; it's not as good as I'd hoped for, but not entirely bad, either.

I'm not feeling up to snuff, the last couple of days, with a cough, and malaise. Maybe some Tylenol would help?
Dead Dog Cat

to placate maedb

Q. Most people I know are artsy or craftsy or both, so - what is your favorite medium to be artsy/craftsy with?
A.forestcats. Then, wood, English, Painter.

Q. In reference to the above question, what current in-process project do you think of first? (If you're one of the few non-artsy/craftsy people I know, I'm sure you've got projects of your own, so pull your answer from those.)
A.I've had a writing project that's been growing in my mind for years, now, but I haven't written much for it in all that time.

Q. What's your dream project (artsy/craftsy or not)?
A.Sit in front of the computer uninterupted for, say, 150 - 200 hours, and try to write something.

Q. Describe to me (short version, please) one of your most important interpersonal relationships, please.
A.forestcats. What more is there to say?

Q. Are you happy in your current living environment? Why or why not?
A.I can't imagine my life anywhere else...

Q. What did you wear to your high-school graduation?
A.Cap and gown, with shirt/tie/pants/underwear/socks underneath. One of my female classmates, however, was naked under the ensemble, and was shocked that she was supposed to turn it in after the ceremony.

Q. If you didn't attend or have a high-school graduation, tell me what you wore to a life-changing event in your life and what that event was.
A.I wore my birthday suit to my change from being a fetus to being a baby.

Q. What is one of your most favorite scents?

Q. In the mornings, what is the first thing you do (after the standard bed/bathroom activities I hope we all complete every day or so)?

Q. Have you ever met a ghost (someone from the other side of the veil, an unexplained energy manifestation - pick the description that best suits your outlook)?
A.Yes; associated with severe night terrors.

Q. If you've answered yes to the above question, tell me about it?
A.It all went away when I first started hanging with forestcats.

Q. Are the majority of your friends witty?
A.Most. At least half.

Q. Do you consider yourself witty?

Q. Do others consider you witty?
A.Some do, some don't, some are bored by it all after a quarter of a century.

Q. How many books live at your house (apartment, domisile?)
A. Thousands. Argue that with me, why don't you?

Q. Do you periodically escape to other eras?
A.???? I'm not a time traveller.

Q. To the above question, in real life, or only in your mind?
A.Ah, that makes more sense, then.

Q. Are you happy right now? (In general)
A.Right now I feel ill, but otherwise, yes, I suppose.

Q. If you could ask yourself any question, what would it be?
A.What time is dinner?

Q. Take the answer to the above question, and answer it for me. Please.
A. If only I knew...