March 30th, 2008

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This morning opened with the two of us driving into Beverley Hills to meet my family for them to celebrate our recent anniversary. We chose to go to a place that we'd read about, called the Bread Bar. Excellent artisanal breads with fine spreads, and very good food...slowly served. We had a nice time there, and I'd stop in for the food anytime; breads, croissants, or whatever.

We then tooled over to La Crescenta to Harmony Farms to pick up some of the interesting meats that will be served next month at the Carnivore's Feast. To our joy, we discovered that they deliver, so if we want something specific, or if we can't make the pilgrimage, we can get our orders brought to us!

Following that, due to the lack of space in our own freezer, we ventured down to Tustin, stopping in with maedb and jamiethered. They offered up loads of freezer space, and we shared our breads from brunch, a wild boar salami from the butcher shop, and maedb learned a lesson in chemistry and physics when we put the dry ice in her birdbath. But I'll let her describe that particular joy.

Home again. Dinner soon. Yum.