April 21st, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the weekend, I finished another Roman era mystery book, this being a short story collection called A Gladiator Dies Only Once by Steven Saylor; it's another book in his series about Gordianus the Finder. Good tales, they add in some small matters in between the various novels of the series.

I also finished another comic book, this being The Infinite Horizon #3. Emulating The Odyssey; not bad at all.

Passover. The Jewish holiday is marked by having two "Seders", the religious ritual held by each family. We went to two; one at my sister's studio, and the second with my associate from work. The former was vegetarian, with all that implies, considering my penchant for meat. The latter served brisket. Whew!

Somewhere back in the last several days, I dug out a disk from Netflix, and watched an episode of season 1, ST:DS9. Eh. Not horrible, but not really good.