April 29th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, what with the air conditioning on the fritz, we didn't push ourselves all that much. We did pull out a disc from our DVD library of season 3 of Northern Exposure; more episodes that we've never seen. We haven't really picked up this show since we started Netflix, but all of our discs went out with yesterday's mail, and so we didn't have any backlog to view.

I still love the show, mentioned above, and there was some spectacular lines bandied about, especially in the episode about hunting. I suspect that forestcats'll post one in particular, if she doesn't add it to the Carnivore's Feast announcement for next year.

My associate is off for CME the rest of the week, so I will not only be on call, and covering all the hospitals (along with housecalls every morning the rest of this week), but I will have to spend several hours daily in the office. I don't expect to really come up for air until next Monday. If I miss a day or two, and miss mentioning somebody's birthday, let me apologize in advance.