May 20th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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A couple of days back, I finished another group of comic books. I just didn't get around to posting about them.

The first one was the last of this run of Firefly knockoffs. Called Serenity: Better Days #3, I liked a few of the quotes, but for the most part, I found this series disjoint. I thought the idea was solid, but the execution was lacking. Sad.

Next was another Warren Ellis book. It's a new run of the New Universal material, called New Universal: Shockfront #1, it picks up where the original series left off, setting up confrontations between the newly super folks and the US government. Interesting premise, and I expect Ellis to deliver on it.

Finally, I read another DMZ, #31, specifically, in which the present storyline moves along, complicated, and pretty satisfying.

forestcats has pointed out that a lot of the material that we are watching regularly via Netflix is rather apocalyptic, what with Jericho, BSG, Lost, and so forth, and so she desired a bit of a change, so we put on Underdog instead, and once again had a good laugh. We were disappointed that brushette didn't watch with us, though, honestly, I'd fear that the dog might try her hand (paw?) at bursting open a can of chili. Heck, she already can open cat food cans without hands...