June 13th, 2008

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The air conditioner in the house is repaired/replaced! This is a good thing, as we are about to go into a series of days of temperatures in the 90s. Then, summer begins.

Home last night, and we finished up another DVD from Netflix of Battlestar Galactica, and I remain enthusiastic over how much better this version is than the version that I watched in medical school. I think it's terrific that they don't fix everything by the end of each show, leaving threads for the future. Excellent!
Dead Dog Cat

Blog like it's the end of the world

I don't know if I can make it until the sun sets; it's so close now...

Things got started early, what with the dead blocking the freeways and all. They quickly finished off the motorcycle riders, but those folks are all just a step away from zombiehood, anyway. Pretty soon they were smashing car windows and pulling folks from their cars.

I avoided that, and stuck to the back roads; there was the occasional ambling corpse, but I have a big car, and knocking them out of the way was easy.

Stopping to do the grocery shopping was tough, because you never knew what was in the next aisle. I had prepared myself this time, though, and had a cutlass on my belt right from the start. I left the heavier armaments in the trunk of the car, where they wouldn't attract attention. You know, baseball bat, claymore, pump action shotgun. The good stuff.

After grabbing necessities from the store (such as lighter fluid, rope, and tiki torches), I hightailed it up the road towards Mount Baldy; there'd be only a few folks up there at this time of year, and with what I had on hand, it figured to be an easy day. Not like last year.

I wasn't quite right; somebody had taken a bus up there for a kiddy party, and so I was mobbed on arrival. A cutlass does work nicely for the little Zs, but their parents are more problematic. When one of the kids stuffed her hand in the tailpipe and another in the air intake, the car failed, and I had to climb the roof again. I mean, in terms of altitude, up the mountain road, I was higher than last year, but I had less response time when the crowd started up atop the car.

In this valley, I can't tell when the sun REALLY sets, but I don't think I'm going to make it; my arm feels like lead. We could really use the Marines if they weren't all stuck overseas...
Dead Dog Cat

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I finished today a slim book that tries to be an enumeration of the philosophy of this dead author called The Gonzo Way: A Celebration of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, by his wife, Anita Thompson. I've read pretty much everything HST wrote, and found much of his work fascinating, but unfortunately, his wife isn't the talent he was. Still, she confirmed a few things for me, and I don't begrudge her trying her hand at commenting on her husband's legacy to American letters.

This one, if you have the interest in said author, might be worth your time (it's slim), but there are other books out there, and expected soon that will probably define his lifework better.