July 5th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Lazy day, yesterday. I got some computer things done, a little laundry, and a nap or two, until the evening. Then we went to "Kaboom", a fireworks display at the Pomona Fairgrounds. It sold out again, but this time we came, planning to sit in the parking lot and just watch the fireworks from the car. I have no interest in watching monster trucks or motocross, you see; we did, however, miss watching the ground fireworks display. We also were able to view some of the fireworks from La Verne, Claremont, and Chino Hills, as well. Pretty cool, all-in-all.

I finished off the evening by watching two more episodes of ST:DS9, thereby finishing off the disc for return to Netflix. They'll be replacing the unplayable BSG disc from a couple of days ago, as well as sending us some new materials.

BBQ today, but a long way away. I don't know where, but apparently forestcats does...