July 18th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, we went with Ness and Ella to eat at a restaurant on the San Dimas/Glendora border called Pinnacle Peak, where they serve steak with all the trimmings as well as ribs and chicken and whatnot. The reason we went there, though, was that they cut the ties off any guy that walks in wearing one. I wore the black tie that I had borrowed/taken from my father's closet back last year; through the mourning period, when I had to wear a tie, it was either this one (badly outdated, too wide), or one that I purchased in the winter that was more in keeping with the times. With great fanfare, they cut it off me; another symbol of the easing of the mourning.

Yesterday, I dumped another book that I just wasn't enjoying. I'm sorry to say that I really wasn't getting into Glen Cook's new book The Dragon Never Sleeps. I do have another one by him that's in the mystery/fantasy genre, and I know I'm going to enjoy it, but I discuss it when I finish it, later. The latest Naomi Novik novel awaits me at the local library, if I can only get there while it's still open.