July 23rd, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Fairly long day at work, yesterday, and on the way home, stopped at the library to pick up four books that I'd requested. One is novel number three in a series where I haven't even read book two; I'll get there. Oddly, one book was borrowed from Riverside County's library system, and is due in two rather than three weeks. I'll try to finish that one first.

We passed our city inspection; the alderman who turned us in may yet discover the wrath of me, if I ever figure out which house it is. Just wait; slip out of compliance, and I'll fling the thunderbolt that is the Montclair Code Enforcement Division upon your ass...

In repose, we viewed the contents of two Netflix DVDs; first, we finished with two episodes of season two, Battlestar Galactica, pretty good stuff still. Then we watched the second disc of season one of Foyle's War, which dealt with British fascists, anti-Semitism, and the miracle of Dunkirk. Very nicely done.