August 15th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Bits and pieces, bits and pieces.

For one thing, I read the newly released Buckaroo Banzai comic, called The Prequel #1; it's supposed to be the history in the run-up to the movie. I'm having trouble buying it, as written, and I don't care for the artwork. Not a good start.

We also finished another Netflix disc, of Battlestar Galactica, second disc from season 2.5. Nice. On to the next one. forestcats and I, not quite ready to crash in bed followed that by watching a season three episode of Northern Exposure which was unfortunately not one of the best. It had its moments, especially with Marilyn and the Flying Man, but it wasn't the best the series had to offer.

It looks like we're going to keep one of the kittens from the last litter in the house, but it was up for grabs who it was going to be. Once the critter is confirmed, it'll be time to name him (it's definitely going to be a boy, no arguments on either side there). I'm still pondering the options...