September 22nd, 2008


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Once back to the house after hospital rounds, I put on but mostly ignored Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and got some more laundry done. I even amazed my beloved, in that I took the dishes I'd left from the sink to the dishwasher; I didn't get to the handwashing yet.

forestcats returned from the weekend away, and we unloaded the vehicle; a quick change, and I drove to Dungeonmaster. Lots of centaurs in this one; the last centaur-heavy episode goes all the way back to Magicopolis days for the show. I'm seeing something of a theme building, now that we've been through two episodes.

Post play, we stopped at House of Pies with an eclectic group from the show; nice chats, and nice to have a full stomach going home. Then back to our place and crash.

Off call in a few more minutes; I'm trying not to count down.
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