September 23rd, 2008

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Home, yesterday evening, and zoning out in front of TV sets. Fatigue had set in.

We watched three more episodes of Battlestar Galactica season three. One was pretty predictable; I don't know about the other two, connected episodes. I'm not sure I feel like I'm supposed to about what's going on onscreen. We'll see how the disc ends, soon, anyway.

Anybody else watching Feasting on Waves with Alton Brown?
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I tried reading For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga, but it isn't written in a fictiony form, and it appears to me that it requires more than just a British win at what was a rebel victory, but also a major change of heart on the part of the British Parliament for the rest of his postulate to work out that way. Too many suspensions of disbelief for me to try to deal with; couldn't get into it.
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finished this morning

A Fool and His Money: Life in a Partitioned Town in Fourteenth-Century France by Ann Wroe is a discussion of life in a town in France during the Hundred Years War. What's relatively special about this town is that it was divided into two parts, one ruled by a bishop, who rarely was in residence, and the other ruled by a count, who was rarely in residence. The tale includes a pot of gold found buried in someone's basement and what it all meant to that person.

This isn't a mystery, this isn't a fantasy, but a historical investigation into what that world was like, and I found it a rather interesting read. I think this would be of interest to reinactors especially, as it gives some insight into the life of townsfolk of the times.
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We made a quick run to the mall so I could get some work shoes, and thank goodness, it worked out fine. I like them reasonably well, and I think that they won't pinch.

Then, resting at home, we finished another disc of Battlestar Galactica season three. Nasty old Baltar...