September 25th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, after picking up a stranded forestcats from the house, due to a flat tire, we went into Claremont to a new pub that had surprisingly good food and had dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, and their son. Nice evening. The place has an enormous beer menu, from which I could have nothing, due to barley allergy. Sigh.

I worked my way through some more comics in the last day or so. First was Fables #76. Not bad. It reacts to some of the unresolved issues from the end of the war. I had thought that the series was ending in #75, so I was surprised to see this. All bets are off, now. Next was Jack of Fables #26. I think that they are building up to an end-point, but I could be wrong. Finally, a reprint of a French comic from Marvel, called Samurai: Legend #1, which I found to be very good. Relatively long, too, with good artwork, and an interesting story, in the adventure genre. I'd recommend it, at least in this first issue.