October 4th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy couple of days, to end the week, but I did manage to read a couple of new comic books. I'd had to switch comic purveyors, due to the closing of the store I'd used for the last several years, but it appears that they've come through with flying colors. Maybe.

Anyway, the two were Doktor Sleepless #9: they've changed the POV of the book from the Doktor's to a wandering journalist's, and it might just be very interesting to follow. Apparently, the first several issues are coming out in TPB format, for anyone who might want to start from the beginning and catch up. The second book was House of Mystery #6: I'm less impressed. We'll see if I'm going to stop following this one...

At the behest of my brother-in-law, forestcats asked me to scare up a film via Netflix for our enjoyment, and so I called in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which we watched for a grand total of perhaps seven minutes, then deep sixed it. Ack. After putting it back in the mail before it could contaminate any of our personal DVDs, I put disc 5 of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica on, and we took in three of the four episodes, instead, and were awed by two of them (put another way, enjoyed all of them). One more episode here, and then only two more available discs. My, my.

I was working, and therefore didn't catch anything but glimpses of the VP debate. Sad, but somebody had to take care of those patients out there. I just wish I was impressed by any of these candidates. Where's Colin Powell when you need him???