October 10th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Services finished, last evening, and forestcats and I showed our skills, once again, at take-down. We rapidly loaded up the prayer books, and then moved the Ark back to the truck, and from there to the home of the Cohens. From there, we joined everyone from our group at a break-fast, to end Yom Kippur.

I'm feeling a bit better, though I'm not sure how forestcats is doing, virus-wise. Hopefully better.

I've finally managed to track down and read a comic: Planetary #19. After not reading the series for so long, it was a little hard to get back into the story, but I have the rest of the run stacked up, and I'll be reading them over the next several days.

This weekend will be devoted to preparing a room for mr_curmudgeon, and for beating the downstairs into shape. We also have to review what we need to do to put together a Sukkah; I've never had one before, and I don't want to make any errors.

Off to work.