October 19th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Being on call today, I spent much of the day scurrying around the terrain, smiting disease, and easing discomfort, as usual.

Home, I came upon twilyght and her mother, finishing up some canning activities with forestcats. They'd been back to Oak Glen (yummy cider!!!), and had come bearing fruit in boxes. Canning finished, off our guests went, with delicious materials stowed away...

After clearing some more material off the DVR, forestcats and I watched the last episode of season two of Foyle's War, which was once again, a well-written and acted item. Worth seeing, especially if you've any interest in WWII.

One thing I watched that I'd picked up on DVR was a show I'd never heard of called Weapon Masters (I think), on the Military Channel. The modern builder is something of a loon, but they did a nice job of describing Greek Fire in the episode I saw, and the demonstration of launching Greek Fire via a Danish-built trebuchet was nothing short of spectacular, especially since they fired it after dark. Wow. I don't know if I'll follow this show in the future, but this episode certainly sparked some interest in me.