October 27th, 2008

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Run about the house, getting things in shape, restocking this and that.

Finally left before one.

Got to Victorville to visit mazal_ and desertstarlight. The former was my very first girl friend, when we went to high school separately, the latter her husband. We had a very nice visit, sitting on their back porch, and a spot of lunch, to boot.

Then off we drove to Las Vegas, settling in at last at The Orleans, as the convention hotel, even at convention rates, was just too expensive. We had a nice sushi meal at the hotel's ethnic restaurant, including a very tasty sake for me, and then hit the sack.
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Up fairly early, and off to the convention, held at the Sands Convention Center. We walked through The Palazzo, which has some very impressive architecture, and statuary, not to mention fountains. We grabbed a bite of breakfast in their shopping area, but the place name escapes me. Then, on into the convention to sign in. While walking through the casino, we encountered a young lady who was once one of my students, when I was in my postgraduate training years. Her father, on the other hand, had been one of my instructors, when I was in my family practice residency, and we met up with him, later, as well, and I introduced him to forestcats. I could tell that he was pleased that I remembered details of my time with him, and he seemed to enjoy chatting with forestcats as well. While we were planning the lectures I would attend, we met up with Ken Nelson, another of my former instructors, and a guy who was one of our close friends during our tenure in Chicago. He's written a textbook, published last year, and I was delighted to get a copy, and later in the day, have him sign it for me. Fun. Soon, we encountered Tobi and her husband, with whom we'll be going out to dinner on Monday night, and then Gail and her parents. Tobi was a resident when I was an intern, and she was in charge of the ICU during many of my nights on duty; Gail I knew from UCLA: we knew each other from Rally Committee, the organization who puts on the card stunts at football games. She reminded her parents, as well as others, that my example helped lead her into the profession. Cool. We wandered the pharmaceutical exhibit hall with them for most of the morning, gathering the items offered. Finally, we moved on into the lectures, and listened in on a few to end the day.

Dinner, we met Gail and Company at the Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. Very good food, very good company.

Rushing back to The Orleans, we just made it to the show for which we'd bought tickets. We got to see Dennis Miller on his last night at the venue, and he had a good showing for about an hour. Then back to the room, to pare down the garbage we'd been handed, and to pack up the useful stuff. We will be bearing gifts, soon enough, to nieces, nephews, and other interested folks.

Now, forestcats is asleep, and I should be, because, for a change, there's a lot of really interesting and useful lectures in this convention, and I have six to attend to starting in the morning, out of nine or ten that I thought I'd benefit from. The others conflict. forestcats will attend some of them, and some others that interest her, so it should be an interesting day. Then, another dinner in the evening.


I've been blessed with some really awe-inspiring friends, in the past, as well as in the present. It's wonderful to touch those lives again.
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