November 24th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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More pre-Thanksgiving purchases, including another run to the grocery store. There'll be at least one trip to the local veggie market, as well, but better that done tomorrow or Wednesday for the freshness factor.

More Wii Fit finished. I dug out my gym bag, and used the shoes, which made the running easier, but they weigh more than the slippers did that I had been wearing, so it looked like I'd gained weight. I'm consistently getting a Wii Fit Age of well under my actual age, which is encouraging.
baby Mouser

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For just under 24 hours, we had an addition to the household, a small gray kitten who was being passed from jonelin to another friend of ours who was looking for a cat for her cat. A pleasant kitty, treated kindly by Drummer, but not so by Meatloaf, and the kitten was also not pleased to interact with corveys or brushette. In fact, the latter was very jealous that the kitten spent quite some time, resting on my chest. The good news, I hear, is that when introduced to our friend, her new human, the kitten purred, something that didn't really happen last night with us, relaxation of the kitty notwithstanding.
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