December 24th, 2008

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy, busy night, last night, what with sekl visiting from up north with her family. The kids had a good time, with Sean blowing out the Hanukkah candles, and Jake mesmerized by the Wii Fit. Very nice having them in; can't wait for the next visitation!

We followed that by watching the last episode of season four of Foyle's War...I can't figure out exactly what they're going to do to put on season five.

It comes as something of a shock, considering the topic, but I dumped another book, this one being Sixpence House, a tale about a family from San Francisco, who move to Wales, to a town of bookstores, famed for the old books on sale. Somehow, the author managed to leach all the interest out of me, no matter how much leeway I gave him, and so, it's back to the library for this one.