January 2nd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy couple of days.

Before going out for New Year's Eve, we watched a couple of episodes of Rome which remain solidly good.

Then it was off to the home of axelicious and themodeinliz which was a nice relaxed party. Good folks, nice time.

Home by about three AM; overslept, watched the Rose Parade, and once again saw the son of a former patient standing on the China Airlines float with his blue macaw on his shoulder. Cool.

After some puttering around the house, we went off to housewarm the new place of kar3ning and thefreak. Good for them; plenty of projects to keep them busy for quite awhile.

Home, forestcats collapsed into a nap. When she awoke, we watched two episodes of season 4 Lost which were hardly confusing at all! Amazing!

Looks like this is going to be a weekend for laundry. That's going to be restful, believe me.
Dead Dog Cat


Yesterday, I finished the first book of the year, Larry Niven (et al)'s book, Fleet of Worlds, which is set in the Known Space universe of Niven's, dealing with the Pierson's Puppeteers escaping from the galaxy. It was a good read, though not Niven's best. I gather that there's already a sequel out to it, and I'll be doing a library search for it.

I also gave up on one book, called Watching My Language: Adventures in the Word Trade by William Safire. I liked the idea, but the execution didn't gel with me. It's supposed to be columns from his writings and responses to same, about the words in the English language. I had such hopes...