January 3rd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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It's going to be a somewhat restful weekend, once the laundry is done. We did pick up a lot of stuff from the dry cleaners. It's now time to work through the stuff that's accumulated that requires washing.

We finished the Lost DVD from Netflix, last night, and then watched froghugger's copy of Kung Fu Panda, which was delightful. She's left us several more DVDs to watch, and we may even get through them, in the next week or so. We'll see.

I got my hands on a couple of comics, and have finished one, called The Winter Men Winter Special; I had thought that the series had finished, and this special release was pretty good. I wonder if they'll revisit this?

Suddenly, the Wii is no longer communicating wirelessly with the 'net. I hope we'll figure it out, quickly, but I suspect that we'll have to ask for help from froghugger to fix this.


It never ends.
Dead Dog Cat

2008 totals

I've been asked how many books I'd read during the last year; I finally got into the files and totalled it up.


That's including books, graphic novels, books on tape. Not including loose comic books or videos.

We'll see how we do in the upcoming year, then.