January 14th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat


So, today is forestcats birthday.

I'm so happy that she's in my life, and this day simply reminds me what I often forget, that our time together continues onward.

In many ways, I can't remember how long it really has been that we've been a couple; it seems to ME like it's only been days, and yet it's well over two decades.

She doesn't believe me when I tell her that she looks just the same as she did when I met her in her teens, but in my eyes, she's that same sweet girl.

Best wishes, sweetheart, on this happy day...

Happy birthday, forestcats!
Dead Dog Cat

(no subject)

Busy night, last night.

I got home fairly early. Early enough that I was able to join corveys and forestcats at an agility class, where the former showed how much close attention he pays to the latter on the course. Brave, good dog.

We followed that by a visit with elderly friends. Both have significant disabilities; his are relatively new over the last year, while hers have been troubling her for years. I dropped in as much to do a housecall on them as to visit. I advised him about my concerns for his health status, and I hope that the information I shared with them helps direct their future activities.

Then home, somewhat exhausted...
Dead Dog Cat

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It's all over LJ at this point, but Patrick McGoowan, of The Prisoner, and Ricardo Montalban, of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan have died.

*Removes metaphorical hat and bows head*.