February 12th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night was a bit disappointing. First, froghugger lent us the new Get Smart DVD and we put it on, but not long into the film we dumped it. It just wasn't funny. I mean, when the most exciting thing was that they used the same theme music as the 60s TV show? Come on. So, off it went.

Then there was the DVD from Netflix. We'd seen a promo for this movie that had Quentin Tarentino in it, and thought, "Gee, this might be interesting". It was called Sukiayaki Western Django. It redoes Sanjuro, but the Japanese actors were speaking their lines in English, and most were obviously not English-speaking. It was also much more graphic than had been Sanjuro. When we got to the rape scene, we gave that one up, too.


I wonder if there's another HBO show that we could get hooked on?