April 6th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat


I (sort of) finished another compilation of Richard Brautigan books from the library last night; it was called A Confederate General from Big Sur/Dreaming of Babylon/The Hawkline Monster. I read through the bracketing novels, but abandoned the one in the middle, as I wasn't enjoying it. Strange writing.

Adding joy to yesterday was the Dungeonmaster show, third in this season's shows. Oddly enough, there were essentially none of the regulars there! However, a fairly large number of folks have been purchasing tickets through Goldstar, so we had a lot of new folks attending. In addition, there were a handful or two of friends of one of the new cast members, and in the end, five of them filled all but one of the party. They're all experienced actors, and they slipped right into the milieu. It was a great show, with lots of energy, and the audience enjoyed it very much. Sorry we missed the rest of you guys, though. Maybe in two weeks?