April 20th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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I rushed off to work, this morning, and managed to get home pretty quickly, so we were able to go stock up on meats for the Carnivore's Feast on Saturday, including venison, ostrich and kangaroo; this was at Harmony Farms, a butcher shop in La Crescenta.

Then, we stopped for some early dinner, pre-show, at a restaurant on Hillcrest, a few blocks south and east of the House of Pies where we normally go after the show. We had a Brazilian meal. Very tasty.

Finished the evening with the Dungeonmaster show. Among others was vampireanneke on stage for the excitement. One more show to climax this season's thread, and then the Guardian of the Flame episode, before breaking for the summer.
Dead Dog Cat


Earlier today, I finished reading the latest David Weber novel, Storm from the Shadows, which remains a very readable mishmash of space opera, technothriller, and mystery. It weighs in at over seven hundred pages, which is why I had it out from the library for much longer than I should have.