April 26th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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We're now recovering from the Carnivore's Feast; I have to get it together and go out to the hospitals, but I'm worn.

Morning started with final cleanup around the house, and then we started cooking. Turkey in the oven, buffalo tri tip in the crock pot. Some london broil, some kosher hot dogs.

Suddenly, the first folk arrive, about a half hour early, but they were gracious and helped us with final preparations.

By just after noon, the floodgates opened, and among the first there were some of my family.

Cooking, cooking, cooking.

I remember the delicious wine that Joe Hourany brought.

jamiethered had me cook up some steak that he'd marinated; yummy.

Venison, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, beef, chicken, lamb, bacon.

More and more meat.

I finally got a little rest while we had our Iron Chef competition. Sadly for them, one team arrived to play about ten minutes into the event; they couldn't overcome that loss of time, even though some of their friends helped out in advance by constructing their grill and starting the charcoal for them. In the end, the elk was judged, and prizes given out.

When the sun set, I stopped trying to cook, and started to slowly clean up. Folks helped, which was deeply appreciated.

Stiff/sore, I went to bed last night; today I'm going to have to really stretch out my back. And then there's the leftovers...

Wait 'til next year!
Dead Dog Cat

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Earlier today, I finished all that I'm going to read in a book called Mean Streets, a story collection of shorts from various authors' Urban Fantasy worlds. There's a piece in here by Jim Butcher (read it), another by Simon R. Green (didn't read it), Kat Richardson (read it), and Thomas E. Sniegoski (didn't). Not bad, but not worth paying TPB prices for it.