May 5th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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For the first time in a while, we went to the movies last night. Right after work, we piled into the car and caught a fairly early show of X-men Origins: Wolverine which was a pretty good piece of work. Interesting that they went backwards into the X-men Universe for the story, but I guess that Wolverine is the attraction. I'd call the film worth seeing; I've been very surprised at how many superhero films have been solid in the last several years. I'm not used to Hollywood putting that kind of effort into this genre.

We followed that by a pretty good meal at Acapulco. It's nice to have some tasty food in this style, as most other "Mexican" restaurants bore me.

I went to bed much earlier than forestcats did, and the dogs stayed downstairs with her. To my surprise, Ghost, the cat, decided to climb onto the bed with me. I didn't mind; it's been a long time since we had a cat who'd climb into bed with us. However, after marching up by my chest, purring, Ghost proceeded to assault my feet repeatedly for about an hour. To add to the joy, his claws were getting through two comforters and the electric blanket! I finally chased him out of the room, something I really didn't want. I kept expecting my spouse or the dogs to come upstairs to rescue me from this attack. Didn't happen.
Dead Dog Cat


This morning, I finished reading a book by Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth called The Prisoner: The Prisoner's Dilemma, set in the milieu of the old TV series, The Prisoner. The book does a pretty solid job of setting the scene. It really does emulate the paranoia and fear that the series evoked. Not a bad read.