May 6th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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So last night was a restful opportunity to watch a Netflix DVD. We sat down and watched Australia, which was a fairly predictable piece. We found ourselves guessing much of the storyline pretty easily. Some of the CGI that they used was pretty obvious, as well. Not terrific, but not horrible, either.
Dead Dog Cat

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OK, so, this morning, I went through the standard Body Test. Most of the time, I age out at someplace in the forties. Occasionally in the thirties.

So, BMI was down a little, but not as low as my lowest (I'm still working off the effects of a BBQ/Party that we held a week and a half ago...).

Then, the Walking test. Scored 100% for my fifth time in 180 days of this, or so.

Then, Agility. Got 19, my best score ever.

I'm 52.

Wii Fit aged me today at 24.


I'm tickled silly.