June 2nd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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Another long day at work; being that it's now a new month, I went to all the nursing homes to see everybody (though one guy was out of the facility at dialysis...I'll have to go back there today, sometime). Once home, we finally sat down and watched (at a friend's urging) four episodes of The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about geeks living next door to a pretty girl. The geektalk is much too similar to discussions that my old gaming group used to have back in Chicago...
Dead Dog Cat


Earlier today, I finished an excellent novel of the publishing industry, pre-WWII New York, the Jewish Experience of the Holocaust, and the Gay Experience in the McCarthy Era, along with other tidbits, called The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. It won the Pulitzer Prize. It's very, very good.

Home, this evening, we finished the last two episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the disc; it goes back tomorrow. forestcats response to the geeks racing to make costumes was delightful...