June 3rd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night was disturbed by lightning strikes and thunder. I awoke this morning for reasons that initially I couldn't recognize to find that the electric alarm clock on my side of the bed was flashing at me (i.e. we'd had a power outage about three hours earlier). Luckily, I had awoken a half hour early, but still.

A bit later, logged onto the computer, we had an outage of FIOS, something I've not previously experienced, so that sucked, kicking me offline. I threw up my hands in disgust, and left it for later (now, in other words).

Suddenly, thunder and lightning turned into rain, and I had to run out into it, because, for some reason, forestcats had piles up a number of books outside in the elements. I got them all inside, a bit moist, but not at all soaked, thank goodness.

Rain? Nice, but...

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In other news, another author whose work I've generally read passed away. David Eddings. The original run of Dungeonmaster back in the 80s in Chicago was colored by his work as well as Piers Anthony's early material. I have to admit not enjoying some of his books, but I really liked the books starting with Pawn of Prophecy, in that world. Sadness.
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