June 10th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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After yesterday's day at work, we met up with Beth, from Ohio, and mr_curmudgeon and his daughter for dinner. We'd never been to one before, but we went to the Yard House, and the food was reasonably good. The company was better, and the conversation was pretty enjoyable, for what we could hear, as they were playing the Lakers' playoff game on the super TV screens, and pumping the volume on the play-by-play up really loud.

Dead Dog Cat


It's been a hard day or so; I've had to tell three people that they have cancer; two of them, it's already metastasized. *Sigh*.

Last night, home from the restaurant, we sat down to try to watch the latest Kevin Smith film, Zack and Mirri Make a Porno (I think it was called), but we just couldn't stand it, and stopped it only partway in.

Speaking of dumping something, I started reading a book called The Book on the Bookshelf by Henry Petroski. Somehow, though I thought that the topic was going to engage me and enthrall me, it did no such thing. I put it aside.

I did finish a book today, that being Last Rites, another Marcus Corvinus mystery written by David Wishart; essentially, a private detective in Ancient Rome. Nice book, well-written and put together.