June 13th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat


A couple of days ago, I finished a novel written by Charles Stross called Halting State, an SF tale of economics, virtual reality, and invasion. Excellent piece of work; I was drawn right in.

Yesterday, I got a chance to read a couple of comics. The first was Anna Mercury 2: Ultraspacial Dreadnought Vanaheim #1 by Warren Ellis, which was a nice start to a new tale with his heroine. SF-themed. The second was DMZ #42, a post-apocalyptic series which seems to have a new theme it's following. Still good.

We had services last night again, this time at the home of a woman who hasn't previously hosted. I got there early, and helped her set up chairs. I also left early due to fatigue.

Once home, forestcats and I watched another disc of Young Indiana Jones, in which he and his Belgian friend wander in East Africa during WWI, meeting up with a variety of important folks. Nice extras on the disc, as is typical for this series.

Today will be a big day at work; I've got nine scheduled in the office, which is a record for a Saturday; I've got two new admits to do in the hospitals, as well as twelve already in them; then there's the new admit to a nursing home. Oy.