July 2nd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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For starters, I read a comic, Gravel #12, which, I'm glad to say, was a bit more intriguing than the previous one or two of the series. I'll keep reading.

forestcats wasn't in a cooking mood, last night, so we went out to Z Pizza for dinner. She had a pizza, but I tried a sandwich, for a change of pace, and enjoyed it. Wandering around the area afterwards, we found a Tutti Frutti Cafe, a place where you buy your frozen yogurt, and its toppings, by weight. I tried about eight flavors in my cup, and it was rather good. Apparently, this is a franchise, world-wide, and it just happens that they will be opening one only a few blocks from our home, sometime soon, as soon as the little strip mall opens. I forsee many trips there in the future.