July 11th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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What a day it's already been!

Up early, no sleeping late, because we have to get out to services. The worship was at the home of some members of our havorah, and forestcats recited some of the Torah portion, while I just couldn't nail the chant for the haftorah, so I simply read it. We offered up prayers for the health of her mother, and our friend Brenda in Atlanta; I also recited the Mourners' Kaddish for my father.

We stopped at the good old hardware store to find parts for a comfortable desk chair, which I'll repair later.

Then, home; I rapidly left again to deposit pay checks, and while I was gone, the team arrived to put in the carpet in the front bedroom. Installation took hardly any time at all, and we sat up there and watched for over half an hour as World War Dog took place until both brushette and corveys were exhausted and panting.

Then, collapse in the coolest room in the house, and napping for half an hour.

Busy, busy, busy...