July 12th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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So, today is my 53rd birthday. I'm older than some, and younger than others, of course.

I've been gifted thus far with four bottles of hard cider, of which three are gone. I've been gifted with a pair of boxers in a beagle print. I shall keep them in a safe place, as I do not wear boxers. I have been gifted with some paper towels monogrammed with a "P". They are safely ensconced in the guest bathroom. And then, my beloved surprised me with a Sony Electronic Reader. Oh. My.

I've spent part of the morning loading it; I have lots more to load, and it will take a while to ferret out all of it. I need to go to Best Buy to get memory cards for it, because I have no spares at this time.

After posting yesterday afternoon, we went out again to The Boiler, and the food is still terrific. I was a naughty boy thereafter, and we had a dessert at Tutti Fruity Frozen Yogurt. We did some shopping, then went home, and I popped in a Netflix disc of City of Ember, which, though not a classic, was a bit of fun, somewhat like watching Fallout, the computer game, on the screen.

The film over, it was just past midnight, and forestcats retrieved my gift from its hiding place. I thought it was a book. I was gobsmacked when I opened it.

For the rest of the day, I expect we won't be home. I want to do a few things on the West side of town, including wishing bon voyage to sewyrn. So, busy busy busy.