August 15th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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We're in Las Vegas right now, waiting to spread the ashes of my MIL; forestcats brother couldn't get up until just about now, and won't be here for another hour. Feh.

On the drive out, we stopped in Hesperia to eat at a new Sonic drive-in. I've seen national advertising for them for some years, especially on the Food Network. Their foodstuff doesn't hold a candle to Fatburger or even Wendy's, so I view it as another fast food joint that I'll ignore, henceforth.

I did manage to see one meteor while we drove through the desert. I think the car's interior lights might have drowned out others. Still, it's nice that I managed to see one of the Perseids.

We got into Vegas well after 1AM, and collapsed into bed at the motel. I'm now logging into the net from my in-law's computer.

We've gathered up the ashes from several of my MIL's pets as well as hers, and we're supposed to spread them outside the house. I've brought dust masks for protection.

Dead Dog Cat


Before we even left for our journey, I finished re-reading Hunter S. Thompson's novel, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, on my new Sony Personal Reader System. It looked pretty good, and with that file type, I could change the font to be large enough to comfortably read without difficulty. Not so much when I have a Adobe file, though. Those seem to come through as if they were photos, not files. Anyway, I still find his rants and insanity entertaining, even though it's been decades since his adventures in Vegas. I'd call this a recommended read.