September 26th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night, we stopped nearby, and I had my first Alberto's burrito. Apparently, to the folks who've lived in this area all their lives, this particular chain of Mexican fast food places are the best of all; we've lived about fifteen years only four blocks from one, and never ate there. My burrito? Pretty good; much better than Taco Bell or Del Taco, so, that's a win!

Following that, we carted froghugger's alcohol to axelicious and themodeinliz's house. They had announced that they were hosting a night of Beatles Rock Band, and we were in a sociable mood. The supply was viewed as a bonus, and they were glad to see us. We sang along, as others played the game; communed with the cats, and tippled a bit. Nice evening; we were home after 1AM.

Jarring problem in the morning, in that the phone rang at 0730. Ick, ack, ugh. I was also asked to cover the beeper from eight to twelve, as my associate was going to the same class that I took on Thursday night, for the upcoming institution of the new hospital computer system. A couple of pages; nothing too onerous.

We decided to go to Dolce for something of a brunch, and forestcats had invested in one of those coupon books that charities sell to raise money. Dolce had a coupon; we used it. Good, solid food.

It's bloody hot out there. It was 100 at noon; I hate to think what it might be right now...

We made a couple of stops en route home; Costco to return one thing and stock up on others. Then we made a visit to Gameology, and we found a game that I'd like to try out with my spouse can be rented for a couple of dollars a day. Not bad. We might even go back, once the sun goes down.

I'm hiding from the sun, right now, up in the computer room; lights off, shades drawn, air conditioning on. Lovely!