November 2nd, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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The day is young; I'm between classes, and I stopped in the exhibit hall to use their computer. This morning, the many access points that the hotel had running are all suddenly mute. We couldn't log on. Fooey!

Once again, we walked to the Convention Center, about twenty blocks. We took a different route. On the way, we saw that folks decorate the trees, the wires, and the ironwork with Mardi Gras beads flung up to drape garishly. forestcats has taken a number of photos of same; watch her journal for when she posts them. We passed a sandwich place that we had visited five years ago on our perambulations, and we stopped in for a very tasty breakfast, and then moved on to the classes.

The effects of the legal changes are rather obvious; the drug reps have much less to do, and there's not much going on in here. Aside from the computer time, I have no reason to be in here, except for waiting for the next class, which I will momentarily be off to.

Can't wait for tonight's dinner. Oh, yum!
Green Bay Packers

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I forgot to post one of yesterday's oddities. While wandering the French Quarter, we looked into one of the bars, where a number of Packer and Viking fans were gathered to watch the game. (The Viking fans were obvious in the purple "Favre" jerseys that they were wearing.)

The oddity was a fellow rooting for the Packers. He was wearing the typical cheese head hat, of course. He had on an odd pair of pants that were striped white, yellow and green in a diagonal pattern. We also wore a cheese ass. Finally, he had on Mardi Gras beads that alternated cheese wedges and footballs. Let's not even worry about the jersey, that goes without saying. Flamboyant, the lad was. forestcats took a photo of him from across the street; hopefully she'll post it in a future reply to this post.

Now, that's a fan!