November 16th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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We had a busy, but mostly restful day yesterday.

I put on Up for forestcats while I lazed my way through morning ablutions, and found that the film still hits me in a blubbery spot, so good for them. Then, I put on Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron which was pretty good.

Zak came by and helped us repair the back door's handle, which now works much better, and it's keyed to the same as the front door, which simplifies one manuever. He's also helped out with drywalling a couple of holes from plumbing repairs and brushette depredations, so that's another relief.

We moved a chest of drawers that wasn't getting used into the master bedroom, and I'm expecting good things from its use.

As the evening wore on, we hightailed it to the Los Feliz district, and back to Tropicale, a Brazilian place that we've really enjoyed, and they didn't disappoint us. Among other dishes, we had chicken vegetable soup, Brazilian-style, and it hit the spot for us, being that we're both still recovering from colds.

We then hurried to Dungeonmaster, where the cast was truncated by illness; still, it went well, and seemed to be enjoyed by the audience. There weren't all that many "regulars" in attendance, which is both nice and sad at the same time. Next Sunday is going to be the Guardian of the Flame adventure, and the folks who were chosen for that have already been notified, so it looks to be fun!

Home, I watched the first episode of the new The Prisoner off AMC, and there's a lot of buzz of it being boring. Unfortunately, one episode under my belt, and I'd have to agree. We'll see if I have to give up on it.