November 28th, 2009

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After a long time on the computer, catching up from two days worth of material, I spent most of the rest of daylight on doing dishes after the Thanksgiving fun. I'm happy to say that at least one person helped by doing the silverware after the feast, for which I give thanks. I still have a couple of pieces of cookware that didn't make themselves known to me when I was initially working, but I'll catch up, probably today.

I also hung up the new clothing that forestcats found on her Black Friday perambulations. She got several useful pieces, some for me, and some for herself.

As there wasn't much we wanted to watch on TV, we settled in the living room after dark, and I put on a couple of Netflix discs worth of DVDs, so we watched Hellboy II, which was better than any of the previous Hellboy material I've watched, and then followed that with another disc of Connections 2, which was, again, better than the previous disc. Nice.
Dead Dog Cat

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One could tell that I was getting some rest, yesterday, in that by today, I finished not one, not two, but three books.

First was a wonderful travel/geography/history book about China, called The River at the Center of the World: A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time by Simon Winchester. Delightful, and recommended.

The others were both from the Osprey Men-At-Arms series of illustrated books. The first that I finished was #395: Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy, which gave a much clearer picture to me of their history and status, which I found very interesting.

The last was #396: Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1): 1100 - 1300, a period of time following that of the Vikings, which gave me some insight into the differences of the history of the region. Not bad.
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Busy, busy, busy.

We got out relatively early this morning, and stopped in with my cousin, Arlynne. She's famous in the family for not cooking; however, today she made her mother's kugel recipe! Tasted great, to boot! We shmoozed for a while with the crowd there of her friends, and then wandered off.

First, forestcats realized that we were very close to a Penzey's spices store, and we managed to find it, right next to a BevMo in Torrance. We dropped some cash at each, though not outrageous amounts, in restocking the spice cabinet with some things that we'd used up, and others to try.

Then, instead of heading home, we stopped in Buena Park to eat at Portillo's, a chain restaurant from the Chicago suburbs that opened at this site, and one other in the Greater Los Angeles area, selling Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago Red Hots, and other fare as hearty and tasty as the food they serve back in the Midwest. I usually have a hot dog or a beef sandwich, but they were bragging about their hamburgers, and I did have a hankering for one. My favorite local burger is from Fatburger; this burger is comparable, except that I like the Portillo's bun better. Wow.

Home; laundry, after I finish with puttering on the computer.

Maybe some TV off the DVR.