November 30th, 2009

Dead Dog Cat

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I'd intended to get some things done, yesterday, before going out, and I did, though not as many as I'd hoped. A little laundry; some of the china and silverware stowed away again, post-Thanksgiving. Not everything, but some things.

I did go out to an agility run with forestcats, and we saw several of her friends and acquaintances run their dogs on the various courses. In addition, Greg Louganis (sp?), the former Olympian, lives not too far away, and he ran three dogs while we were there, and did a fine job.

We then headed to the Write Act Theater, to assist in shifting the Dungeonmaster props out of the crawlspace that they were in, back to Buddy's house and the shed that the show had built there, five years ago. Jonathan started shifting things a half hour earlier than stated, and we were even earlier than that, so we had everything out of the crawlspace, and most of the heavy stuff loaded into our truck and Jonathan's car when themodeinliz and thefreak arrived. Loadout from that point was very fast, and we were quickly at Buddy's, moving into the shed. Very efficiently done.

forestcats and I were pretty hungry by that time, so we stopped at Tommy's in Reseda; it's better than the Tommy's in Ontario. Oh, well. Not as good as the Portillo's we'd had on Saturday.

We made our way home, and I got some more laundry done, and most of it hung up. There's still some items to be put away, lots of laundry to do, and some party items to clean, after they were exposed to Saturday's rain.

And the beat goes on...