February 1st, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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Although I got a fair amount of home cleaning work done, yesterday, including stripping the beds for clean linen, I did laze about, mostly. I drowsed in front of the TV. However, later in the day, we shot a youtube video for dearest_b, to show her daughter, to try to help keep the weight on that she gained while visiting here. I can only hope it works. If you want to see it, go look at forestcats posts of yesterday.

We also had something of a Dexter marathon; there's only a few more episodes left in season one for us to see. Some cleaning out of the DVR also took place, so we're well below 50% full for the first time since summer.

Streaming via Netflix is so cool! Next thing I have to learn on the system is how to play off an iPod...