April 28th, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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After today's work, I rushed to the home of the mother of one of our Havorah's members, as today was her father's funeral, and we needed to be there for Shiva. Half the folks at the house for services were from our group, and we, as a group, helped greatly with stocking the food and drink. We're paying forward the help that forestcats and I received when our own parents died. It was a very good feeling, and I hope that our bereaved friends were comforted by our presence.

In a lighter vein, once home, I streamed Mel Brooks' film, Silent Movie, which I had never seen. I remember it being discussed in the Daily Bruin, back in the day; it came out when I was at UCLA. I just never got around to seeing it, along with a couple other films of Brooks. With the seriousness of the last couple of days, it was nice to put on something light and airy. The slapstick was very well-done, and I enjoyed the film.