May 2nd, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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Don't you hate it when days off work are truncated by having to go into work for a non-work issue? I went in a bit early for a meet-and-greet as we met two of the four doctors who are moving into the space downstairs from our office, as well as the pharmacist who's opening up down there. Nice folks, and I can see ways that we can interact with their practices. I met the pediatrician and the gynecologist; the podiatrist and the pain management specialists couldn't make it. Then, I stopped at the acute care hospital to dictate some discharge summaries.

Home, we had some guests riding horseback with forestcats, and while that was going on, I did some laundry. After they left, we watched the DVRed copy of the Kentucky Derby, which forestcats enjoyed very much.

Dinner? Venison medallions wrapped in bacon, and pan-fried potatoes and onions.

Then, at my beloved's insistence, I put on Netflix streaming on the TV, and watched Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth, which was a delightful documentary about the author, in his own words, with moments with Robin Williams, Neil Gaiman and Dan Simmons. Very well done. Since we've met HE (well, stopped at tables where he was signing books, or seen him on panels with JMS), and we've heard tales about him for years flying through fandom's mythology, it was nice to hear things directly from him on a variety of topics he rarely covers at conventions. I gather than he lives in Encino, way up in the hills, apparently above the smog level...