May 17th, 2010

Dead Dog Cat


Yesterday, I finished reading a book by M.A.R. Barker, the originator of the game Empire of the Petal Throne. Over the years, he's written a number of novels set in his gaming universe, and this one was Prince of Skulls. It was like reading the recounting of a game history. The book is heavy with EPT language and geography, which made it ponderous reading. If you liked the world of Tekumel, then this would be a book for you, otherwise, look elsewhere.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove down to Cerritos to watch Bill Cosby, live. He'd been scheduled for last September, but had to postpone, for eye surgery. He was very funny, and a great story-teller, but he did stumble a little bit, here and there. Not badly, just minor stumbles.

Following that, we went with Derek and Teresa a block or so away for some BBQ. I had tritip; had I known we were going to a BBQ joint, I would have worn something else, and had beef ribs. However, this BBQ place is a chain, and there's another of the chain over here in Chino Hills, so when the mood strikes me for ribs, this'll be the place, as our local Tony Roma's hasn't survived the economic downturn. forestcats DID get beef ribs, and the dogs benefited thereby. brushette grabbed hers, and disappeared in a flash to her hideyhole to chow down...

Once home, we cleared the DVR, and the finished watching the second disc of season three Dexter. It was a bit uncomfortable, watching the last episode on the disc specifically...

Nursing homes today; I think I may call it an early evening and collapse, once I do get home.