May 31st, 2010

Dead Dog Cat


Earlier today, I finished reading Firefly: Still Flying, a coffee table book about the TV series. The good points? Four very short stories set in the 'Verse. Bad things? It's a typical book of this genre, with lots of pictures, and "interviews" with cast with everyone saying how much fun they had making the show.

I also dumped Eric Idle's The Road to Mars. I've just had it with people who state that "parsec" is a measurement of time.

Before the day's activities, we did some shopping for snacks and drinks. Then, we spent some time at Eliot & Carol's for their BBQ, today, and were called out earlier than intended, because of the illness of one's of forestcats' friend's mother, who is now on life support.

When we finally got home, I worked through another disc of Samurai 7, which is still pretty amusing, and there's some really good animation work at times, though not consistently, in it.

Oh, and I helped forestcats find some wooden wine boxes, at Total Wine in Rancho Cucamonga. I even scored a box with a hinged top that I'll probably be using to store certain hobby items. Woohoo!