August 9th, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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We're still riding the currents of someone else's wireless. Hopefully we'll receive the new wireless router by tomorrow or Wednesday. Ack.

Yesterday, we had a quick sandwich at Farmer Boy's, and then went to a Dungeonmaster production meeting with all of the co-producers, the chieftain of the backstage, me, and a few cast members including two of the new ones. Since this will be a season one show longer, there was some significant planning to do, and it turns out that the arc sounds WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait until the season starts! In addition, it looks like The Dungeonmaster Gauntlet will be revived, and on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd, we're going to host a two-day costume workshop at our home, primarily for cast and audience to work on costumes for use at the show, but for anyone who wants to put something together to wear when you're in the mood.

From there, we stopped in Sunland to visit with David, who was in from Texas at his daughter Ashley's house. It was nice to sit and chat.

I was taken down a peg by forestcats for being obviously exhausted. Therefore, I went to bed early, last night. I hope it helps.