September 1st, 2010

cat and TP

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My friend, Tom, from the Chicago suburbs, has a cousin who lives in Orange County, and she's been ill lately (hospitalized, and then a period of rehabilitation). Tom asked us to get her cat from her apartment, so that the critter would be cared for, which forestcats subsequently did. Since we didn't know the cat's name, we've called her Lorelei, and she's a very pleasant cat, though it's obvious that she prefers being an ONLY cat. She's learned to mostly tolerate Ghost, but she hates Meatloaf, and she makes it very clear. corveys is hit and miss, depending on whether the dog chases her or not. She dislikes Cody very much. I haven't seen her have to much trouble with brushette so far. For now, she lives in our bathroom...
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